Use your Urban Airship account to push interactive, full-page, & rich media notifications on the only screen seen by users 50+ times a day on average: the lock screen


Add a lock screen component to your app


Engage users on real estate that never escapes the eyeball. Your app's content on the lock screen means your app's content in front of users 100 times a day. That's the average amount of times users look at their phone daily


Send full-page, rich-media notifications straight to the lock screen. It's push notifications 2.0


Advertising revenue for your app, outside of your app. Eliminate in-app advertising clutter. It's advertising on the users' terms


Optionally reward users with virtual goods for enabling your app's lock screen. The longer they keep it enabled, the more they earn

Prime Real Estate

Advertise on the most valuable screen of a mobile device: the lock screen. Eyeballs can't escape it, and neither should you.


Target ads by age, gender, app, geographic location, or device type

Lockscreen Content

Dynamically customize content right from your app

Native Content

Put your app content in front of your users right on the lock screen. Design your own layout, or use any of our built-in designs. Possibilities are endless: HTML, images, video, or any other types of rich media. Users can even interact with the app content from the lock screen. Users swipe left to follow a predefined action from your app (such as simply launching your app), or swipe right to unlock as usual.



Go beyond simple icons and text, and send full-page rich-media notifications straight to the lock screen. Over 10 times the size of regular notifications, over 10 times the impact. Users swipe left to interact with the content, or swipe right to unlock as usual.

Beautiful, Rich Media Ads

If enabled by the app, the lock screen can provide for a full-screen rich ad experience for brands and users alike. It's a billboard in the hands of users that's not only visible to them, but also to people around them. Users swipe left to engage with ads and follow the action or link to the product advertised, or swipe right to unlock as usual.

Sample Integrations


A lock screen replacement app for your mobile device. Select the channels you like, and start receiving content right on your lock screen. Get it here

World Cup

Released during the 2014 Soccer World Cup, this app pushed live updates of matches onto your lock screen as they were happening

Bottle Shooter Game

Enable the game's lock screen to start earning virtual currency and progress faster in the game